Frequently Asked Questions

Covid-19 Sanitation: Is Pure Florida using chemicals that can be harmful to our health or property?

Answer: No, we use an EPA-approved product used widely, for example throughout Georgia’s public high schools and school buses. The primary component of our solution is Chlorine Dioxide, which is primarily used in water sanitation. Chlorine Dioxide is a powerful sanitizing agent but is still safe to breathe.

COVID-19: Why is it important to fog a business or home? Can’t we just wipe it down with disinfection wipes?

Answer: It is important to fog your business & home because fogging gets into every nook and cranny within the building. In addition, fogging also gets deep into the pores of your countertops and home. By wiping with only disinfection wipes, you cannot guarantee that all viruses have been eliminated. In addition, our fogging will prevent all microorganisms from surviving for up to 72 hours.

COVID-19: How is the sanitation performed, and how long will my property remain virus free?

Answer: Covid-19 fogging uses new technology that we have never used in our society. Our trained professionals wear full hazmat suits with respirator masks with fogging atomizers filled with a fogging solution. We then enter the building and fog each room. The service can take up to an hour to complete. 

COVID-19: Do we need to leave our homes during the cleaning process?

Answer: Yes, we ask our clients to step out of their home or office for at least 1 hour to allow the fog to dissipate and settle.

COVID-19: If the product used is safe, why do your technicians wear full hazmat suits and respirator masks?

Answer: We do not know if the residence or building we are entering contains coronavirus. Our teams wear full-gear to ensure they do not contract nor inadvertently spread the virus to our clients homes. Also, prolonged exposure and constant inhalation of the undissipated fog can harm our technicians overtime. There is no risk for health issues once the fog has had time to settle and dissipate.

COVID-19: Will the cleaning solution used harm our home, furniture, or electronics?

Answer: No, the solution that we use has been tested on hundreds of different fabrics and has seen no discoloration or other effects. However, we cannot guarantee that your home will not be stained. So to test if it would not stain, we will apply the fog to a test patch in the home where it cannot be seen. If it does not stain, we will know with 100% certainty that we can continue with the fogging. We take precautions to cover the electronics with film to ensure there is no chance of the fog damaging electronics. If necessary, we will move electronics out of the home and will be cleaned by hand.

COVID-19: What kinds of businesses or institutions typically have their buildings fogged?

Answer: Clients who elect to use the fogging service are the ones who are high traffic. Examples include commercial gyms, schools, and even churches. Gyms, for example, will elect to have this service on a regular basis to ensure their equipment is sterilized. It is important to receive this service on a regular basis to protect and save lives.

What is the difference between Pressure Washing and Soft-Washing?

Answer: Pressure washing involves cleaning surfaces with a high pressure. Examples of this can include concrete walkways, driveways, pavers, or even fences. Soft-washing refers to using a system of chemical application to delicate surfaces, allowing the chemicals to destroy all microorganisms & then applying a low-pressure stream of water to remove the algae without damaging any exteriors.

Is Pure Florida Professional Services fully insured?

Answer: Yes, Pure Florida Professional Services LLC is professional insured against accidents and damages with a million dollar policy.

When should I have my home or business serviced for soft-washing or pressure washing?

Answer: We recommend that all structures receive service at least annually to prevent excess buildup of grime and algae. Most commonly, our services are required prior to the selling of any properties to add curb appeal. This will allow the real estate owner to achieve the most profit possible. Also, soft-washing should always be done prior to the painting of homes. This allows the paint to adhere and dry to a clean surface. This preserves the life of the paint applied to the exterior surface.

Will pressure washing damage my home, lawn, or businesses exterior?

Answer: No, damage only occurs to homes when untrained people use too high of pressure and that would damage your home. Our team uses eco-friendly chemicals (i.e. a surfactant blend of sodium hypochlorite & other specialty additives) to do the work and then we rinse the homes with a low-pressure spray so that no harm can be done to the home, lawn, or business. This is what is referred to as soft-washing. 

Can driveways be restored and made white? What about gum stains?

Answer:  Yes! We possess powerful equipment capable of reaching 4000 PSI. This level of pressure will ensure even the toughest gum stains can be removed out of all concrete. However, we can’t remove rust stains. Following the pressure washing, we will apply a diluted bleach solution to whiten the concrete.


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